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Video & Animation

Video is now the most effective format and marketing investment a brand can utilize. No matter your marketing or sales objective, the incorporation of video is critical for achieving strong ROI in today’s digital world.

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Video & Animation


An animated promotional video production, whether it be a logo or an entire video, will give your brand the competitive difference in the market place. Animation is a brilliant format that reflects a truly modern brand and provides the freedom to develop unique stories and communication for your customers.


Post-production is usually the last step in the production and creativity cycle. Frankly, it can be the most important step of the entire production process. We value this importance and it reflects on our projects.

Aerial Video

With the introduction of drone technology, what once used to be a very costly and difficult art to perform, is now a relatively affordable component of the production process. However, as with all film and photography, the person and team behind the camera is of much greater importance than just the equipment being deployed.

Corporate Videos

A well-produced corporate video reflects professional management and allows your prospective clients and partners to understand your business more clearly. At React, we develop powerful corporate videos that are affordable without comprising on production quality.


Everyone can value a good photograph, and anyone can purchase the latest in photographic equipment, however only a skilled few have the talent and knowledge to take excellent images that trigger emotion; React meets all these requirements.

Event Content & Coverage

An event is a unique experience for a brand to engage with its’ stakeholders and or customers in person. However, most brands do not invest in the creative content and entertainment to ensure a memorable experience for all those that attend.

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