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Many understand the importance of developing a professional website, however, too few brands are leveraging the true value of their website. Prospective customers commonly research businesses, products and services online before purchasing.

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Paid Search & return on investment go hand in hand. There is no other advertising channel that you can measure return on investment as accurately as you can in the search space. And there is no other channel where you can scale the return on investment so precisely. Found adopts best-practice PPC methods to ensure we get the most out of your Paid Search campaign. We use competitive intelligence to benchmark your brand against your competitors and to audit your environment. Then we set out to gain you more market share and to devise a strategy bespoke to your website and your marketplace.

Reporting & Analytics

Throughout the course of your SEO and PPC campaigns, it’s vitally important to be able to keep track of your rankings and traffic. It’s also important to be able to keep an eye on your competition to see how they are stacking up against you in the search results. We offer customized SEO and PPC reporting so you can keep an eye on your site’s performance, gain a competitive edge in your industry, and make informed, data-backed decisions for the future of your business and online marketing endeavors.


The very best practice of SEO is what it takes to get to the top of search engines and, importantly, to stay there. Unlike Paid Search, this is marketing space that simply can’t be bought. SEO is driven by ever-changing search engine algorithms, from social influence to local search relevancy. This makes SEO both hugely competitive yet multi-faceted. It takes structure, discipline and a thorough understanding of both the SEO and social spheres to create an SEO strategy that truly delivers, over and over again.

Planning & Keyword Research

Building a keyword portfolio that answers user's needs is fundamental to every SEO campaign. We aim to understand the intent behind different keywords within a topic, developing a range of targets that can attract users at each part of their buying journey. Deep-level keyword research, analysis and mapping put you in control of a site designed to appeal to your target market.

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