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Marketing & Sales Automation

With the world’s adoption of the internet and smart devices, we as customers are generating more data than ever. As a result, we need to be careful to avoid paralysis by analysis.

What We Do for
Marketing & Sales Automation

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Enhance communication between sales and marketing. With our qualified marketing strategies constantly promoting new offers and content, it's important to keep the sales team up-to-date with these promotions. With automated solutions, your sales reps can push these strategies during sales calls.

CRM Configuration

With a 360-degree view of your customer, your ability to capture and target potential leads is unparalleled. Using CRM configuration, we enable your company to access all your customer data in one easy place. Our platform automates much of the "busy work" or organizing customers, accessing their history, and determining their buying power. With a user-friendly portal, out platform is easily accessible for salespeople with all levels of software experience.

Analytics & Reporting

Trends may be difficult to spot without detailed reports for analysis. Using our platform, you can track and report user data, customer behavior, and prepare reports for analysis. Using our advanced analytics, you can spot trends and see areas for improvement. Our reports turn your raw data into information, and our assistive analysis turns these reports into insights to boost your company's growth.

Sales Enablement

With sales enablement, we turn each interaction into meaningful buyer development. We focus on automating tasks that aren't sales-productive so that your sales reps are able to spend more time actively selling.

Email Sequencing & Lead Scoring

With our lead scoring analytics, your sales force will be able to spend their valuable time cultivating the hot leads as they come across, and leave the cold calls for a point when they have more time to cultivate. In addition, with our email sequencing feature, we can determine how engaged a lead is depending on their level of interaction with your email campaign and electronic calls-to-action.

Pipeline & Forecasting

Accurate forecasting drives marketing campaigns. Beginners find our platform accessible and easy to use, while more experienced workers are able to access a robust selection of advanced forecasting tools and metrics. With our pipeline management software, you can develop your leads, and our sales forecasting tools help evaluate the potential revenue in those qualified leads.

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