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Inbound Marketing

If you need access to new leads and customers that truly value your products and solutions, then inbound marketing is the essential tool for your brand.

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What We Do for
Inbound Marketing

Lifecycle Marketing

With our tracking metrics, you can compile data analysis for the complete lifecycle of your customer. See trends of what they purchase, when they purchase, and their browsing across your brand. Knowing the history of your individual customers, you can tweak your marketing strategy to appeal to buyers in every stage of the customer lifecycle.

CTAs & Capture Forms

We carefully create the best calls-to-action in emails that aren't flashy ads, but instead direct readers toward valuable information discovery. We explain in clear language what the user will receive out of an interaction with your company - discounts, exclusive access, or expert advice on that particular industry. We help you assure your customer that they will only receive relevant information that they will enjoy - no spam marketing.

Marketing Automation & Workflows

We can set up automated emails to the contacts in your lead lists. Using scheduled email blasts takes much of the need to individually nurture and engage your user base. With relevant information and urgent calls-to-action, our automated email systems do much of the cultivation for you. We can help you with the appropriate marketing automation software needs for your sales goals.

Content Creation

We can enhance your user experience with unique, relevant blogs about your services and industry trends.We can craft press releases for new leaders and products or services. Our team of writers provide authority and specialized knowledge for your blog. In addition, quality content can give you those all-important backlinks, and organic SEO increase.

Lead Generation

Clicks on your page can turn into a solid stream into your sales funnel. We provide interactive, user-provided data that turns idle browsing into qualified, active leads. Our proven analysis of customer behavior will turn the clicks into self-directed buyers.

Landing Pages

To guide your customers along to your conversion goal, you'll need a well-structured landing page: a standalone web page distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective. We can create a click-through page, describing your product and the benefits it provides, thus directing customers into the sales funnel. We also create lead-generation landing pages, to capture user data and information for lead follow-ups.

Data Analytics & Reporting

We take the customer interactions, user-provided information, browsing history, and buying history to provide accurate, useful information about your customer base and the people in your sales pipeline. Using proven capture metrics, we are able to determine the patterns of behavior for your customers, and then craft marketing strategies based on those patterns.

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