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REACT - Digital marketing and production agency in Dubai


Music Production & Composition

From powerful film scores to contemporary songs, our producers and composers are able to consistently deliver creative material that will guarantee that you are heard. Be it for a film or for advertisement purposes, we have the versatility, technology and expertise to create powerful and emotive compositions that will impact and resonate with your audience.


Our vast database of professional Voiceover Artists allows you the luxury of selection, finding the perfect voice for your project or brand. We have a vast of multi-lingual artists that are renowned in their field for their experience and leading quality. Through selectively sourcing only the best Radio Voiceover Artists, you can rest assured that your key messages will be communicated to the highest standard.

Radio Ads & Jingles

We understand the power that effective Radio can have on your audience, that’s we strive to ensure that our Radio Ads and Jingles are both memorable and have impact. We are able to produce multi-lingual radio ads utilizing our diverse range of Voice-over artists, to create contagious radio advertising that will leave your signature mark on the market.

Audio Post-Production & Sound Design

We pride ourselves on delivering polished and refined Audio. This is why we take great care in ensuring that our post-production remains at an unwavering high standard, covering everything from SFX to Sound Design and ADR.

Mixing & Mastering

We have the knowledge and experience to deliver high quality mixes and masters across all genres of music. Everything from a single track to a full-length album, we can deliver. Our experts understand the industry and know how to enhance your music so as to exceed market expectations.

IVR & On-Hold Messages

For many businesses, a phone call is the first point of contact from the client, so it is important to create a strong and lasting impression from the very start. We can produce your IVR system content, all the way from voice-over recording and music composition, to the implementation itself.